What Is Best For Your Business – In-House SEO, SEO Agency Or Freelance SEO?

With every passing day, online marketing is becoming more and more important. Both big and small businesses are investing in digital marketing to get better businesses and enjoy higher returns (from the investment they make). SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most important pillars of online marketing, and this is something everyone is aware of.

SEO stands on par with other important channels, including email marketing, PPC, and so on. Many businesses have now started opting for SEO over email marketing or Pay Per Click, owing to the fact that SEO proves to be more beneficial in the longer run, and offers more return on investment.

Search engine optimisation, without doubt, is very important for every firm, small medium and big. But there is not just one but many ways you can invest in SEO, including in-house SEO, outsourcing SEO to an agency, or choosing SEO consultants. Now the question arises, which is the best option amongst these. Well, I’ll outline the best option.

In-House SEO
SEO is no longer a single-handed game, so if you want a great improvement in your SERP rankings, leads, and traffic, then you need to search and hire the best.

Way Signs "Outsourcing - In-House Solutions"An in-house team can offer you great benefits. For instance, if there are any website problems, which you may experience every now and then, the team can handle it efficiently, thus this will never lead to any bigger issues.

Your in-house search engine optimisation team can also prove beneficial if you are planning any big ventures in the future to make your business grow, a sister website, and so on.

Outsourcing To An SEO Agency
Those businesses that do not have a budget strong enough to hire in-house SEO professionals, have to outsource their online marketing needs.

SEO agencies generally have a highly experienced team of content producers, project managers, and SEO experts, who work with many clients all over the world.

Handing over your search engine optimisation needs to an agency is a good option. SEO agencies have already worked with many clients, they simply have the experience.

Freelancing SEO Experts
These are also experts in the SEO field, www.garethseoconsultant.co.uk – Gareth is one of the most talented SEO’s in London, with over three years in the industry.

A freelance SEO consultant has the responsibility of completing your SEO project just like an agency does, and will do everything possible to get your job completed in the most efficient manner.

Compared to SEO agencies, freelance consultants are generally less expensive, so if you want a good job done, but by paying less, then a freelance SEO consultant can be a good option for you.

What Is The Best For Your Business?
Now, this can be a very difficult question to answer. It basically depends on your choice, outlook, and budget.


The Benefits of Local SEO Provider

Search engine optimization or more commonly known as SEO techniques can be either focused on certain area or globally. Most of the starting SEO service provider would try to test out their skills in the local market. It is easy to be able to have a successful campaign if the number of your audience if limited to a small number compared with a global campaign where you need to whole world to notice you. So where does this local SEO technique provides you with the most advantage?

local seo
Benefits The Local Business

Most of the local business that just starts their career or opened their shop would find it very convenient if they are able to hire a good local SEO service provider. Just like the SEO Leicestershire wherein Snapperblue would just focus their campaign locally. It is easy for them to get notice especially if they ask the help of the people they know. Since they can just easily request their group of friends or family to support their campaign they would also be able to let others notice their campaign or page that will result to more possible interested clients to the local shop.

Besides a good SEO technique the business owner can consider on handing out fliers or creating posters to let others know that they have services available within their area.

Best For Targeting Local Clients
If SEO Leicestershire will just focus on one area it will be easy for them to gain success through it because the number of people in one area is small compared with the global audience. If you are planning on starting a local business or and online shop that will be made available on the local market only then try to consider on having a good local SEO strategy to provide that perfect boost to your business.


Cost Effective SEO — Because Ranking Can Be Affordable


website for businessWe live in times where having a website for our business is crucial, there’s no other way around. But what’s a website without traffic? Simply nothing, because traffic is what brings clients and revenue to your business — and SEO is the best way to accomplish so, because it keeps a great relation between price-effectiveness. It can be a lot cheaper than other traffic generation methods like PPC, which often require a large investment and a multiple campaigns of trial and error. On this article we’ll discuss and examine all the benefits Search Engine Optimization has to offer for your business.

Why Is SEO Important?

importance of seoNowadays we hear that word many times — but why is it important for your business? Under this section we’ll answer that question and let you understand all the power behind this internet marketing strategy.

It’s important because it delivers top-notch traffic. Let’s compare the traffic from search engines and the one that comes from social networks:

SEO Traffic Social Media Traffic
Laser-targeted. People get to your site because they WANT to find a product/service you offer. However, it’s only possible with the right set of keywords. Poorly-targeted. While it’s possible to get high quality traffic from specific groups (ex: Facebook and LinkedIn), most people do it wrong.
People ready to buy. If you target the correct keywords, you’ll get a ton of people ready to acquire your products or services. People need to be warmed-up. It’s not a secret that traffic from social networks can be quite cold. That’s why you need to “warm up” that traffic in order to convert them into clients.

Let’s suppose you’re a plumber in Chicago, now let me ask you: What would you prefer? To be found by someone searching “plumber in Chicago” or by someone navigating in Facebook or Twitter after playing Candy Crush? It’s not that hard to answer. If you want to get that kind of laser-targeted traffic, then you need SEO — that’s why it’s important for your business.

Knowing that it delivers excellent traffic it’s not hard to tell that it also offers a quite attractive ROI (return of investment). It brings results that can be easily tracked and verifiable. For example: you can find which keywords are giving you the most traffic and revenue, and which are not. SEO strategies can be easily modified, in order to accomplish your expectations.

This is more of a collateral effect. If you’re worried about user experience then SEO will lead you the right way. In order to make your website rank higher, you got to structure your site thinking on the user navigability. You’ll have to interlink your inner pages and posts, which at the end of the day will make it easier for your visitors to find the information they want and provide them with an excellent user experience.

It builds trust. If you want to strengthen your brand and bring it authority, then Search Engine Optimization is the way to go. When users find your business website on top positions for their search queries, they associate your business with them, making it trustworthy on their eyes. So, if you want to make your business an authority on your niche/industry, you MUST implement SEO into your internet marketing strategy.

Building a Powerful SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Source: Moz

It’s composed by blocks: keyword research, on-site auditory and on-page & off-page optimization. All of them are vital for your success.

Keyword Research:

It’s the foundation. It’ll allow you to gather the correct keywords to target. They are important for producing content, optimizing your website and crucial for link building. Without a good and in-deep research you’ll never nail it, because you’ll always be targeting keywords that bring little to no revenue and traffic, and that have crazy competition. This is the exact recipe for failure, so you better do a good keyword research.

On-site Auditory:

It’s important to check if your website is alright. A professional on-site auditory will look for errors in internal structures like broken links, over-optimized content, etc. It will also allow you to know if your website has been penalized before or if you have been a victim of negative SEO. This stage provides a clear picture of what your situation is and will determine the path of the strategy to follow.

On-page Optimization:

If you want to be found by people, then you need to optimize your content. Keyword-stuffing simply doesn’t nail it anymore, this is a semantic era. You have to include into your content synonymous and the famous LSI keywords, in order to help Google understand what your website/content is about. Your on-page optimization must be top-notch if you want to get the most from off-page optimization/link building.

Off-page Optimization:

It can take your website to absolute success or bury it into failure. Back in the good old days it was possible to blast thousands of spammy backlinks to your website and make it rank overnight — unfortunately those days are long gone. Nowadays quantity is not better than quality, it’s the complete opposite way. There are thousands of link building strategies, but actually only a few of them really work, for example: guest posts, high quality PBN backlinks, tiered link building with 2.0s properties, etc. This is the most powerful stage, but at the same time the most delicate. You want to keep this process as natural-looking as possible, in order to avoid penalizations and ultimately a de-indexing of your website — trust me, nobody likes that. So you better put effort into doing your off-page the right way.


SEO is an important asset for your business. When it’s well-executed, it can be far superior to other traffic generation methods like PPC, both in terms of revenue and overall cost. So, it’s time for you to start SEOing your website, because the rankings are just waiting for you to reach them. Just do your SEO the right way and you will be greatly rewarded with all its benefits.